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A funky tribal bellydance CD

Bellydance revolutions
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Fusion bellydance
  1. Funkabelly 03.33
  2. Al Marah (the gypsy party) 01.33
  3. Tribalistic 04.36
  4. Zarmina 03.17
  5. Bellydance revolutions 2.09
  6. Beledia 05.21
  7. Bellydancing 4 aliens 2.39
  8. Harmattan 05.14
  9. Enneagram 05.01
  10. Takkasim qanun 02.30
  11. Davul solo 03.15
  12. Intergalactic guembri 03.17


This CD offers a cross-section of Tribal Style bellydance, Tribal fusion, Experimental, Ambient and New Age Bellydance, Urban style belly dance and oriental dance

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What customers said about this CD:
I listened to the tracks about 5 times and each time got more excited about the music. Can't wait to receive it and use it in class for my Belly dance students. I bought the Hatshepsut a couple of years and it is one of my favorites. Love the music! Regards, Mary Ellen, California

I just happened to find this! it's awsome! Hanako Sasaki, Tokyo, Japan

Tribal bellydance music CD coverTribal bellydance music tracklist
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Hathsepsut and other dances: Bellydance rhythms/ pure Tribal beats

  1. Hatshepsut part1 3:06
    Pharaonic music track featuring Abdel Hazim on guimbri
  2. Chaleezji 1:56
    [mp3 extract 601kB]
    Tribal dance music of the Gulf region (or Khaleej area)
  3. Hadari 2:22 swinging trance dance rhythm
  4. Snakedance 4:57 first time a slide guitar was used in a shifte-telli
    Very old analog recording done in Assouan, Egypt.
  5. Maqsoum 4:01 Maqsoum means literally "cut in half"
  6. Derboukka solo 2:59.
  7. Ayoubi 1:46
    Music for the zar dance, a kind of healing ceremony. Rhythm used in "zar" ceremonies.
  8. Leff Sariya 2:05 An oriental dance beat
  9. Baladi seghir 2:49 [mp3 extract 601kB]
    or "small" masmoudi beat - haunting beledi rhythm.
  10. Saaidi 4:02 [mp3 extract 601kB]
    Lebanese style saïdy rhythm. Often used in a cane dance.
  11. Hatshepsut reprise (woodwind quintet) 3:03

    Hatshepsut: pharaonic music dedicated to queen Hatshepsut, a 18 th dynasty pharaoh who was one of the few female rulers in Ancient Egypt.