Pakistan, home of a vast spectrum of tribal dances.

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Tribal Belly dance in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the many sources of tribal costuming and jewellery, the outfit is in strong contrast with the so called "cabaret style" of costuming. The peacock dance of the picture is a truly remarkable tribal dance. The peacock is a symbol of royalty and it's origins are far away in the past. It resembles a stately Spanish dance called Pabana. Perhaps this might be a prove that the gypsies that came from the Sind region kept their dance culture and the Spanish gypsies kept it alive. Nowadays the nomadic tribes merely adapted a sedentary life. The picture displayed here are of the beginning of the 20 th century and the sixties.
Peacock dance Pakistan
Tribal dance of Northern Pakistan (51K)

This dance is a groupe choreography made in two rows. Remarkable gracious expressions by the hand palms and fingers. The handpalms point outward and the thumbs point down to the floor, the earth.
The headdress is very classical Indian but the necklaces are traditional gypsy tribal.

Pakistani tradional folk dance

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