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Tribal style bellydancing starts to conquer the world.

Aziza: European Tribal Style Bellydance in the 80's.

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Oriental dancer Aziza

Aziza Gizeh was the first oriental dancer in Europe doing tribal style bellydance in the 1980's, under the direction of her manager (and at the same time her percussionist), who inspired her and added an extra tribal touch to her shows.

In 21 st century Belgium, Duo Indumati was one of the first tribal troupes. The interest in tribal style - also the Rachel Brice variant - is increasing fast and now you have many tribal bellydance troupes in Flandres as well as in Wallonia.

Italy: Les Soeurs tribales

As the first Oriental tribal company in Italy Les Soeurs Tribales or the tribal sisters, developed into one of Italy's most important schools of Oriental dance.
Their group improvisation, their use of cues, shows and performances established a firm fan base spreading rapidly over Europe and even further. Les Soeurs Tribales appeared in Tribal Dance Festivals in the U.S.A. Egypt, Belgium and the United Kingdom (Tribal London 2006).
This Italian troupe gives classes and workshops all over Europe and appeared on important TV shows. They are invited to take part on the Third international festival of bellydancing at the Costa del Sol in april 2009 (extra info here

Soeurs-tribales (23K)
Connection, communication and confidence form the fundament of their dance.

Tribal Mystica:
american tribal style in the Netherlands and other west European countries

tribal-mystica (14K)

Gonda of Tribal Mystica is founder one of the first american tribal style troupes in Europe. Inspired by ATS. Gonda started as female fakir and bellydancer in Holland but was mesmerized by the ATS tribes in the U.S.A. that she wanted to make her own troupe.
Now she is teaching ATS in Belgium and Holland. Dutch bellydancer Gonda created inspired by American Tribal groups(Fat Chance Belly Dance, Jill Parker, Black Sheep Bellydance, Gypsy Caravan, Heavy Hips) her own tribal style: Tribal Mystica.
With the dancers of showgroup TRIBAL MYSTICA she performs and demonstrates in Holland, Germany and Belgium.

In Germany you have Nea´s Tribal who have outstanding costuming. They have put special emphasis on their headdress. Also in Germany based are Anadolu, Aragira and Astarte.
Finland has also its Tribal troupes like the River Tribe.Tribal Finland

Another adept op ATS is Akula tribal bellydance, an Fat Chance Belly Dance style troupe. This U.K. troupe, based in Essex is led by Christine who came across tribal bellydance in 2005.

If you've got any burning questions just give toss me an e-mail and I'll answer them.

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